SPAIN is to roll out more than 220 roadside cameras that can detect whether or not drivers are wearing seatbelts or using their phones.

Some 50 were setup yesterday, with 227 penned across the country.

They will fine offenders €200, with the last two month trial resulting in 331 fines being issued.



Once a car has been detected as having a driver not wearing a seatbelt, the owner of the vehicle will receive a request in the post to identify the driver from the photograph taken.

If a passenger appears in the photograph, their face is pixelated, so that they are not identified.

The driver will be fined €200 and will have three points deducted from their licence.

If the vehicle owner fails to name the driver, a penalty fine will be issued.

The majority of the cameras (60%) are on roads with the highest accident rates in the country, while the rest are on the busiest roads.

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