The family’s neighbourhood in Cadiz

A TEENAGER has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his father to death in Cadiz.

Policia Nacional arrested the 18-year-old a day after he handed himself into the police station in Sanlucar de Barrameda, covered in blood.

The youngster claimed he had returned home to find his father Antonio Rendon’s body face down and in a pool of blood, and that he was dead.

The agents rushed to the home the find the dead 43-year-old, who has two other children, had been stabbed more than ten times in the torso in a vicious attack.

According to police sources, the son, referred to only as A.N.C, was first viewed as suspicious given his delay in reporting the body to the police.

Then during the afternoon, when the family home was sealed, the young man appeared again at the police station.

He then began mixing up details of his original story, leading police to arrest the family member as the prime suspect.

Both the father and the son were alone in the family home at the time of the event, but officers have yet to find the murder weapon and have lost the bloody clothes the son was wearing when he first entered the police station.

The young man is expected in court tomorrow.

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