INSIDE: Papua sex club

AN Andalucia father has received a six-month suspended sentence for abandoning his four-year-old son in his car while he visited a sex club.

Sources say the testimony of the son and mother as well as the man’s ‘clear repentance’ and lack of criminal record are believed to have persuaded the judge to give him a lighter sentence.

The 40-year-old was arrested by Policia Nacional at the swingers’ club Papua in Sevilla on November 11 after they discovered his son crying inside the car outside.

A local only noticed the tot because the car was double parked and was blocking him from leaving.

The toddler was severely distressed and screaming that he was ‘freezing’.

The father entered the club at 11.30pm and had been drinking there until around 1am, when police arrested him.

The magistrate considers him responsible for a crime of abandonment of a minor.

Prosecutors had been seeking nine months in jail, but the dad’s ‘excellent relationship’ warranted a lighter sentence, according to the judge, who also believed it was an ‘isolated’ and ‘rare’ incident.

The wife is also expecting their second child.


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