THE Partido Popular will submit a change to the country’s civil code today to declare pets as ‘beings’ rather then ‘objects’. 

The change will protect animals and recognise that they have their own rights.

The proposal will change three laws – modifying the Civil Code, the Mortgage law (so that dogs are not passed on as inheritance like other possessions), and the Civil Procedure Law – so that pets will not be seized by bailiffs in case of debt.

The amendments are all expected to pass.

The PP proposes that the amendment aligns with the French and the Portuguese Civil Codes, which already recognise pets as living beings, different from humans and other forms of life such as plants.

Spokesman Rafael Hernando said the goal of the reform was to give animals ‘more protection¡.

He added that more rights for the animals also meant more duties for their owners.


The Parliamentary Association in Defense of the Rights of Animals (APDDA) has called the new laws  ‘a historic step’.


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