AN expat stabbed his step-father to death for calling him ‘lazy’ and urging him to get a job.

The 27-year-old attacked Mallorcan stepdad Pere Crespi, 61, and his mother Elena, 46, after an argument broke out in their Costa d’en Blanes home.

Identified as Bogdan K, the disturbed Ukrainian confessed how he stabbed his mother first before moving onto his step-dad.

He threw the knife out the window and left them for dead, but when he later realised they were still alive he grabbed several more knives and decided to finish off the job.

An autopsy revealed step-dad Crespi had been stabbed 25 times while the mother is in a critical condition at Son Espases hospital.

The frenzied attack came two years after his parents had taken out a temporary restraining order against him following a string of robbery and domestic violence-related arrests.

Neighbours said Bogdan was clearly ‘troubled and violent’ but they never expected him to hurt his parents.

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