THE Caminito del Rey has won an a highly-coveted award for sustainable tourism. 

The president of the Institute of Responsible Tourism Tomas de Azcarate delivered the ‘Biosphere Certificate’ to the tourist attraction this morning.

“The Caminito del Rey is one of the most important experiences that has been put on the market in terms of commitment to sustainability, and it has been exemplary,” said Tomás.

The ‘Biosphere’ certificate is the hallmark of sustainability and carries with it the most credibility and confidence in the international market, as far as the tourism industry is concerned.

It is the only one to incorporate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and directives issued by the Paris Climate Summit.

Revamped Caminito del Rey

“We are proud to be awarded this distinction because it means that we are on the right path and we are working to achieve a sustainable destination,” said Costa del Sol’s CEO, Jacobo Florido, also present at the ceremony.

It comes as recent surveys show that tourists increasingly prioritize sustainability when visiting attractions or choosing destinations.

“We must implement sustainability as a basis for the remodelling of the economy towards a more efficient and, above all, more responsible management,” he added.

The ‘Biosphere’ recognition has its highest Spanish representation in Catalunya, something that Malaga wants to change.

“We have the conviction of maintaining tourism without exhausting it,” Florido said.


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