MOTORISTS in Spain have been warned about a rise in a scam that is affecting toll roads across the country. 

According to motoring group N332, would-be robbers are puncturing the tyres of unsuspecting drivers as they pay for their toll.

“Once there, when you are paying the toll they damage your right back wheel,” the group explained on Facebook.

Heads Up!. Robberies on motorways1º. They choose a victim and follow the vehicle to the toll.2º. Once there, when…

Geplaatst door N332 op zaterdag 17 maart 2018


“When you leave the toll, they warn you about your puncture.

“One of the robbers go to show you the wheel, and when the victim is out of the vehicle, the rest of the gang will open the doors on the left side of the vehicle and get all your belongings.

“On this case is important to call 062 / 112 on as soon as possible and give all the details you have about the vehicle.”


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