WATCH: Horror moment man killed by bull in Andalucia


A MAN has been killed by a bull during a festival in southern Spain. 


The clip shows the animal goring the middle-aged man in the chest and thigh – piercing one of his lungs – before banging him on the ground.

The incident occured yesterday in Arcos de la Frontera near Jerez.

He was taken to a hospital but died soon after arrival.

Another man who was gored in the stomach by the half-tonne animal called Trapero – was treated at the scene and stabilised before being taken to hospital.


Town hall officials said: “We deeply regret the death of Arcos man B.L.B following the injuries he suffered when he was gored by the first bull.

“The mayor wants this to be known publicly, as well as the support being offered to his relatives and loved ones. Rest in peace.”

The festival has been held in Arcos de la Frontera since 1784.



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