CAGED: Alleged drug trafficker

A HUGE drug raid has seen 400 police storm a shanty town in Spain this morning. 

Hundreds of officers stormed the streets of Son Gotleu and La Soledad in Son Banya, Mallorca, at 6.00am.

The area has been taken over by drug trafficking gang in recent months, with locals being forced out or too scared to fight back.

“I’m Pablo Escobar, I’m a narco!” screamed one suspect as they were taken away, “I do not have anything, you have not found anything on me!”

More than 30 house have been searched and more than 20 people have been arrested.

Those arrested have been placed on a bus and sent straight to cells before being questioned.

Specially trained sniffer dogs were used to search for cash and drugs, while some of the homes were destroyed by police.

The raid is the second under Operation Ludar, which in mid-March dismantled some thirty drug sales points in Palma and Part Forana.

Some sixty homes will be searched, half of them in Son Banya and the rest in different streets in the neighborhoods of Son Gotleu and La Soledad.


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