AMERICAN, Italian and even Bulgarians are to star in this year’s International Guitar Festival in Ronda.

The US Ian Sconti Trio will be joined by Marco Battaglia, from Italy, and Bozhana Pavlova, from Bulgaria, in a series of fabulous concerts being held in the historic mountain town.

The five-day festival, from June 5, was founded in 2015 by Andalucian maestro Paco Seco, alongside British wife Lucy Stewart, of the Ronda Guitar House

“We are delighted to be celebrating the legacy that is the guitar; a great promoter of Spanish culture!” Lucy told the Olive Press.

“The festival strives to highlight the versatility of styles that the guitar embraces: classical, romantic, flamenco, jazz and contemporary. Appealing to the musical tastes of a wide audience.”

All the festival’s activities will be held at the Santo Domingo exhibition centre in the heart of the historical old-town with two concerts per night.

There will also be an exhibition of guitars, including the work of 10 master luthiers from Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK and Canada.

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