A SERIES of foodtrucks are driving into the castle of San Carlos in Palma, creating the ‘Colors Market’ every Sunday with an open food and craft market at the historic site.

The capital hosts foodtrucks and local arts and crafts every week

The market focuses on ‘the joy of living in the essence of the Mediterranean’ with stalls of products created in Mallorca, many with local materials. The main attraction is the multitude of foodtrucks, offering mouthwatering entrees from pulled pork sandwiches, local gourmet  sausages and burgers, and plenty of international dishes fit for vegans and vegetarians.

Every Sunday through September the Colors Market runs from 6pm to 2am, with boutique fashion booths, local crafts and foodcarts, with freshly made drinks and cocktails available all night.

The free event also has live music scheduled throughout the summer, as well as workshops including Yoga classes and children’s activities.

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