Desperate homeless man receiving head tattoo

A BRITISH stag party has sparked outrage after paying a homeless man €100 to have the groom’s name tattooed on his forehead in Benidorm.

The cruel pranksters paid 34-year-old Polish national Tomek to have ‘Jamie Blake, North Shields, NE28’ inked on his head, yet it was not completed as he was in too much pain.

The tattoo parlour where Tomek was branded posted a photo, now deleted, on their Facebook of Tomek being inked, as he throws up a peace sign while staring at the ceiling.

The incident has infuriated expats and locals alike, prompting local businesses to discuss possibly paying for the removal of the tattoo.

The tattoo was halted two letters into ‘North Shields’, meaning it reads ‘Jamie Blake No’.

Karen Maling Cowles, the President of the Benidorm British Business Association, found Tomek after seeing the picture, and told The Guardian he was jaundiced, had the shakes and told her he was an alcoholic.

After spending some of the money the stag had paid him, Tomek was attacked and robbed of his remaining €17 on the beach.

She described how he was struggling to walk with back pain after he explained he walked 2,700km to Benidorm after the collapse of his relationship.


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