SPAIN’S hottest cop has – once again – sent social media into meltdown after posting a nude picture while taking a shower.


Jorge Perez Diez, who first stole hearts when a Guardia Civil snap of him went viral earlier this year, posted the raunchy snap on Instagram.

It had been liked almost 20,000 times within a matter of hours.

“It’s impossible to sleep after seeing this,” wrote one user.

“Thank you for this image,” wrote another, “long live the Guardia Civil!”

VIRAL: The picture that started it all

The first photo of Diez, tweeted by Guardia Civil in May (right), caused a nationwide manhunt as press from around the world got in touch with the Guardia Civil in a bid to track him down.

According to El Pais, he joined the Guardia Civil in 2005 because he wanted to ‘take care of others’.

He has worked on counter-terrorism and narcotics in the Basque Country and Catalunya, but now now watches over security issues in Aguilar de Campo.

He moved to the small village of just 7,000 out of love for his wife, who lives there.

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