THIS is the moment a bull was filmed dragging itself along a street after breaking its hind legs, as it is forced to jump from a van at a Spanish festival.

The shocking footage filmed in the village of Mejorada del Campo near Madrid was shared by the Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) on their Twitter account.

As the bull smacks down onto the concrete its two back legs snap instantly and the large animal then drags itself helplessly along the street.

It is unclear whether the animal was then put down, but reports said that the ramp the bull was released with was placed too high for it to be safe.

PACMA have reported the incident as animal abuse and have begun a social media petition to change animal laws.

This latest controversial incident involving a bull comes just a day after 16 people were injured by a bull in the town of Valdelacalzada during a bullfighting celebration.

With some 20,000 bull-related events held in Spain each year, including 1,553 bullfights, the increasingly controversial sport boosts the economy to the tune of €1.6 billion.

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