EARTHQUAKE: Residents in Vigo felt the ‘strong tremors’. Credit: ESMC

AN earthquake has struck Spain affecting some 2 million people, experts have revealed.

Witnesses described feeling their houses ‘shake’ as the 3.7 magnitude quake struck shortly before 8pm on Saturday night.

According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (ESMC) more than two million people felt its impact.

Galicia was reportedly the most affected, with cities close to the Portuguese border such as as Vigo, Caldelas, Esposende and Braga feeling the ‘strong’ tremors.

One resident wrote on the EMSC website: “I felt the earthquake. It was very fast – myself and friends heard the noise and crockery was shaking.”

While one resident of Matosinhos in Portugal, more than 100km from the epicentre, said: “It lasted just a second, but strong. Made the glasses in the kitchen cabinet tingle.”

There have been no injuries reported.

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