TRAGIC: The street where the incident took place

A 60-YEAR-OLD woman has died after her apartment went up in flames in Marbella last night.

As the building burnt to the ground her daughter, 40, who has a mental disability, managed to save herself after taking refuge in her bedroom.

The fire alarm went off at 5.55pm in the building on Calle Juan de Quijada in Santa Marta.

Neighbours noticed flames were coming out of the ground-floor apartment and called emergency services.

It was only when they heard the woman’s daughter crying, that they realised people were inside.

It is believed neighbours threw buckets of water through the window, kicked down the front door and grabbed fire extinguishers from a nearby shop.

“But we couldn’t get in because of the flames so close to the door and the heat was unbearable,” a neighbour told Diario Sur.

When firefighters arrived minutes later, they found the mother burnt to death in the living room, where the fire is believed to have broken out.

They were able to save the daughter who had locked herself in her bedroom escaping most of the flames.

She is not in a critical state but is receiving medical attention.

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