OH dear, Brits have annoyed Spanish foodies. Again.

Just two weeks ago, Morrisons’ cheesy churros became a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons.

A flurry of Spaniards took to Twitter and slammed the Christmas treat as ‘blasphemous’ and begged the UK to ‘take Gibraltar instead’.

And now, it has happened again. This time it’s a ‘new vegan milk’ made with tiger nuts.

Sound familiar?

Tiger mylk, created in Bristol, is made with tiger nuts, split peas, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate and sunflower lecithin.

Social media site, NowThis describes the milk as an ‘African tradition’ which is delivered to London front doors in re-usable glass bottles.

Although the video does make reference to the centuries-old Valencian drink and has additional ingredients,  it hasn’t stopped Spaniards from expressing their outrage.

“Attention, attention!!! The Brits have discovered horchata. Vegan milk with ‘tiger nuts’ they say. “African tradition” they say. Yes,” tweeted one furious Twitter user.

Meanwhile, another user slammed the milk as a ‘guiri millennial’ invention with ‘added s***’.

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