POWER: Juan Manuel Moreno the new president of Andalucia

A TRIO of right wing parties have come to an agreement to end 36 years of socialist rule in Andalucia.
Juan Manuel Moreno will be the new leader of the Junta de Andalucia.
The PP leader in the region has got the support of both Ciudadanos and Vox to lead the Sevilla- based parliament.
In return he will allow Ciudadanos to boss the Parliament at a more local level, while far right party Vox will be given some say on an executive level, the Olive Press understands.
While the exact combination of the cabinet is still being negotiated, leader Moreno is expected to be sworn in this week.
“It’s most probable I will be the next president of the Junta,” he said today.
“The choice of president will not be an obstacle to bringing in a change of government,” ciudadanos leader Juan Marín later confirmed this evening.
The change will spell an end of eight terms for the PSOE party.

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