SHOCKING images have shown a Spanish hunter chase a fox and then smile to the camera after he stamps on its head.

BRUTALITY: Animal cruelty is one of Spain’s leading social issues and is frequently condemned by PACMA and other ‘animalist’ groups

The hunter, in a high vis jacket, can be heard grunting as he plucks the animal from some grass and hurls it along the ground.

After the injured mammal runs away, the hunter then catches up with his prey and repeatedly stamps on the fox’s head.

He then flings the suffering animal high into the air and then stamps on its head again, where it appears to die.

The unidentified hunter grounds the fox’s head into the dirt with his foot and can be heard laughing as he smiles directly at the camera.

It is not clear when or where in Spain the video was filmed.

Local media reported that at least one of the fox’s legs was amputated after it was caught in a trap.

Anadel, a Spanish animal rights group, has condemned the incident and called on the public to identify the hunter.

“What kind of psychological attitudes do people with weapons licences have in this country?”  Elena Lopez, a member of the group said to local media.

SMILING: The unidentified hunter poses for the camera after abusing the dying fox

This incident is the latest in a string of animal rights controversies across Spain in 2018.

The most recent was a car park in Andalucia, which kept camels caged for Christmas rides, an act strongly condemned by animal rights group PACMA.

Hunters also courted controversy last month as they defended a video of dogs and deer plunging off a cliff.

Meanwhile, in October, an emu wound up dead in Spain after being chased by police through a tourist hotspot.

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