REVEALED: Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz unveils plans to build 3,300 spaces in Marbella with a focus on pedestrians

MARBELLA City Council have confirmed they will build 3,300 new parking spaces in a plan that ‘prioritises’ pedestrians.

The €1.7 million deal involves opening up more outdoor areas, renovating existing car parks and building new facilities.

Meanwhile densely populated areas like Miraflores, Santa Marta and Plaza de Toros will have more underground parking.

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HIGH: The Marbella mayor says parking is currently far too expensive

The city’s mayor Ángeles Muñoz said she wants to make Marbella a city for pedestrians and create ‘easy, accessible and cheap parking’.

According to the city chief, the price of parking in Marbella is currently ‘very high’.

Muñoz also revealed that ‘dissuasive’ measures are being considered in a bid to encourage people to walk or use public transport.

Some of the money allocated by the Ministry of Finance for the projects has been taken from fines that relate to corruption.

The proposals to increase city parking began in 2015, under the ‘urban mobility plan’ that dictates that the entire €1.7 million fund must be spent in 2019.

NEW: The €1.7 million cash injection in Marbella will build facilities and also renovate old sites

Among the sites to be renovated is the Postigo Street car park with 80 spaces, which will see an €83,000 cash injection.

The football stadium is another site being considered for underground parking, while the San Pedro area is set to see between 1,000 and 1,200 new spaces.

Other areas destined for extra spaces include El Salto (150), El Juncal (250), the Guadaiza Institute (150), the Teresa León school (200) and Nueva Alcántara (150).

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