SICK: Stuffed rhino was one of the 200 species found in the raid in Spain

A WHITE rhino, an African lion and Bengal tiger are among the more than 200 hundred animals seized from an illegal taxidermy workshop in southern Spain. 

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of possessing and trafficking of protected species after the shocking find in Alicante.

Guardia Civil also found a hippopotamus, African crocodile, African antelope and giraffe.

An African lion was discovered in the workshop in Alicante

Most of the taxidermy was carried out on site, without a licence and without the necessary waste management resources. 

According to investigators, some of the animals’ body parts may have been discarded into the sewage system, posing ‘a considerable risk to public health’.

Tigers on the endangered list were found in the shocking haul

The illegal stuffing operation was rumbled after agents discovered posts online which were advertising the animals.

They managed to track the advert down to a taxidermist in Alicante.

MACABRE: Various animals and their body parts

The majority of the animals were seized in the warehouse, while more were found at the taxidermist’s home in the town of Mutxamiel.

All animals seized are listed under the United Nation’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), signed by over 180 countries.

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