NEW LIFE: The Aloha Beach bar, as seen on Friday

BENIDORM’S infamous Tiki Beach bar has re-opened this weekend after a lengthy legal battle over noise complaints.

Following a closure order last September, the owners held out into the thirsty November fiesta week, before closing much to the dismay of Brits who visited during February half-term holidays.

One fan, Kirsha Knowles, 42, Explained she had visited the bar with her husband, 12-year-old daughter and parents last month.

“I was absolutely devastated to see it has closed. Its frontage is covered by big black sheets and workmen are inside,” she said.

“The tables and chairs are gone and things are being ripped out.”

But a video posted to social media today showed the Tiki Beach bar was back to normal – except for the name, which has changed to Aloha Beach.

FAVOURITE: The former Tiki Beach bar was a hit with British punters

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