Minister for the Economy Velasco

BRITISH expats will be able to use Andalucia’s health services as normal post-Brexit.

That’s what the Junta will tell town halls along the Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar in a series of meetings set to be held in the coming weeks.

The regional government will be filling the local municipalities in on their preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU.

According to economy minister Rogelio Velasco: “The British will be able to continue using the Andalucian Health Service (SAS), which through the central government will send the invoice for the costs to the UK government.”

In an interview with Europa Press, Velasco added that Spain is working to make the border crossing between the Campo de Gibraltar and the Rock as seamless as possible.

Gibraltar la linea e
Campo de Gibraltar

The minister said he was ‘very optimistic’ that the 10,000 workers who cross the border each day ‘will continue to do so with absolute normality’ after the UK leaves the union.

However he added that Spanish workers have lost 10% of their salaries due to the drop in the pound’s value, warning that a no-deal would have ‘dire consequences’ for workers and the region.

While still a possibility, such an outcome is deemed less likely after the civil service in the UK was ordered to stand down its no-deal preparations last week.

Minister Velasco went on to say that the UK has lost power over the years and that Brexit is a symptom of the country ‘trying to find its new place in the world.’

“Little by little it has lost its colonies and influence in the world which has favoured the US and China, and in Europe, Germany is once again the country with the greatest weight.”

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