LOOTED: Copper wire was among the items stolen, as well as more precious metals

AT least 15 people have been arrested in connection with a spate of pig farm robberies in Malaga.

Those involved have so far been charged with eight crimes, including two for damages, one for violent robbery, and another for assault.

The Guardia Civil’s ‘Operation Camus’ began after police were alerted that towns in Teba and Campillos had been targeted.

In one of the robberies, a farmer tried to defend himself, but was stabbed twice in the arm by the gang, and had to receive medical attention.

GLITZY: Rhodium can be used to make jewellery and can fetch up to €80,000 a kilo

At sites in Guadalteba catalytic convertors of vehicles stolen, due to the precious metals contained within.

The devices often use platinum, palladium and rhodium, which can fetch up to €80,000 a kilo.

In total 22 convertors were stolen, along with 10.5 kilos of copper wire, 23 kilos of copper pipe, other tools and various appliances.

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