CONTROVERSIAL: Construction has already begun on the chiringuito in Tarifa

A PETITION to stop the construction of a celebrity-backed chiringuito has received more than 178,000 signatures. 

It comes after Dani Garcia’s Bibo Tarifa beach club and an adjoining car park in Valdevaqueros, Cadiz, got the go ahead and began construction several weeks ago. 

According to campaigners, Valdevaqueros is one of Spain’s last wild beaches and is part of a Special Conservation Area and Biosphere Reserve for birds. 

“Valdevaqueros is one of Spain’s last wild beaches and both locals and visitors alike want to protect it from urbanization,” British campaigner Harry Stevenson told the Olive Press. 

BEFORE AND AFTER: Park becomes car park

“The construction of Dani Garcia’s ‘BiBo’ restaurant proceeds without an Environmental Impact Assessment while the previous SL1 project for this same site (2012) was last year declared illegal by the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía for this exact reason – a lack of Environmental Impact Assessment. “

He added that environmentalists have reported a ‘series of infractions’ to the authorities but have not yet heard a response. 

“How can the destruction of this cherished natural paradise be ignored?!” added Stevenson. 

Tractors on protected land ahead of construction of beach club

It comes as the main structure of the ‘BiBo Tarifa’ restaurant on the beach of Valdevaqueros has already been completed.

The beach bar will have no foundations and is instead built on a wooden platform.

UNDER FIRE: Celebrity chef Dani Garcia

The Junta has previously rejected claims by green groups such as Equo that protected species, including the osprey, would be threatened, giving the 43-year-old Marbella-born cook the go-ahead.

The three Michelin-starred chef has forecast that his new eatery, named after his Marbella and Madrid branches, will open in June.

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