HOMES are rapidly being evacuated as a fire continues to rage on at a chemical plant in the Campo de Gibraltar. 

Locals have told the Olive Press how the massive columns of toxic black smoke are leaving cars ‘covered in ash’ as people rush to get out of the area. 

There are also reports that residents in Algeciras have been advised to wear face masks. 

Photo by Eileen Crosby

“People are moving their cars due to all the ash,” Eileen Crosby told this paper, “And it has started to go dark.” 

Tarifa firefighters confirmed they had been called to tackle the blaze in the heart of the industrial area of San Roque alongside several other local fire groups. 

“Evacuation of nearby homes have been activated,” the force said in an online statement. 

The fire, which started at 3:10 p.m., erupted in the Indorama refinery.

The Indian company is dedicated to the manufacture of plastics.

The flames have caused a large column of black smoke that has spread across the Bay of Algeciras and can be seen in much of the Campo de Gibraltar region.

Bomberos are already at the scene while more are being transferred from Malaga.  

More to follow… 

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