A ‘TERRIBLE’ car park in Javea has been resurfaced after ‘30 years’ of neglect.

Just under €3,000 were raised by Digby’s Sports Bar and Restaurant, Mr Punch restaurant and the English Barbers throughout a series a fundraisers.

Javea Town Hall reportedly denied responsibility for the Javea Park Car Park, claiming the land was not public property.

‘FED UP’: Before and after shots of the Javea Park Car Park

“We got fed up with the place,” Kate Jillian Humphrey told the Olive Press.

“There was metal sticking out here, there and everywhere.”

She added it took a professional team ‘all day’ to resurface the car park with stones.

She said the money was raised through ‘barbecues’, ‘free haircuts’ and even a ‘sumo competition’.

FUNDRAISER: A sumo competition was held with donations going towards the car park

The newly surfaced car park now has space for 30-35 cars, which will a big difference to both British-run and Spanish businesses in the area.

“I’ve been going there for years and it was always full of potholes,” Javea local Karlee McGregor told the Olive Press.

“It’s fantastic they’ve finally done something about it.”

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