A TEENAGE girl has risked death by leaping onto a balcony clothesline from her fourth-floor apartment in Valencia.

The teen, 14, reportedly screamed ‘my father wants to rape me’ as she grabbed the precarious railings in a death-defying plea for help.

Neighbours in the apartment block, situated in Valencia’s maritime district, kicked at the girl’s door before smashing it down with a sledgehammer.

Soon after, Valencia’s Local Police arrived to arrest the father, 38, and rescue the girl from the clothesline.

SHOCK RESCUE: The girl leapt onto a fourth-floor balcony clothesline in this apartment block in Valencia

The man, of Bolivian nationality, was detained on suspicion of sexual abuse.

According to the girl’s testimony, the father tried to sexually abuse her before her younger sister entered the room.

Taking advantage of this distraction, the 14-year-old escaped through the window to scream for help while clinging to the clothesline. The events happened at 23.15 on Tuesday night.

Police source told El Pais this was not the father’s first attempt at sexual abuse.

Last year, he tried to film the girl when was showering with her younger sister.

ABUSE: The events happened Valencia’s Maritime District (blue)

The 14-year-old did not denounce him out of fear, but started sleep with scissors under her pillow – with another pillow between her legs – out of terror for her father.

She is the eldest of three siblings.

The girl was treated by ambulance staff, and transferred to the Clinical Hospital accompanied by police.

The alleged aggressor was transferred by the Local Police to the Central Guard Inspection, from where he will be brought to trial.

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