ARRESTED: Police cuffed a man bleeding from his mouth, with ammunition down his pants, close by to the Feria de Malaga

A MAN has been arrested with nine rounds of ammunition stuffed down his pants after shots were fired near the Feria de Malaga.

Police in Malaga cuffed the 43-year-old Spaniard who was bleeding from his mouth early yesterday morning at around 12:30am.

Five gunshots were heard after a man reportedly shouted: “Do you want shots? Well, you are going to have shots.”

Following the incident, officers from the Operational Support Group (GOA) of the policia Local detained the suspected gunmen.

CELEBRATION: Shots were fired just streets away from the Feria de Malaga where thousands partied into the night

He claimed his injury was caused by a fall, before the police took him to a medical centre.

Once there, he allegedly asked doctors to immediately wash his hands, which officers believed could have been an attempt to remove evidence that he had used a firearm.

The suspect was picked up in Portada Alta, a residential area just streets away from where more than 10,000 people were partying at the feria.

Despite locating the bullets, police did not find a weapon.

The man was arrested on charges of disruption of public order, with investigators working with a theory that the incident may have stemmed from a familial dispute.

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