A BRIT holidaymaker has been hit by a Fanta bottle launched from the seventh-floor of a Benidorm building.

The man was struck in the arm while drinking at the Queen’s Hotel bar in Benidorm Old Town last Friday, August 23.

SCENE: The man was sat drinking at the Queen’s Hotel bar in Benidorm Old Town

The man, not been identified, refused medical care but walked off ‘in a lot of pain’.

“We were drinking at a bar next door and got splashed as the Fanta orange shattered open,” an eyewitness, named Eric, told the Olive Press.

“There was a great deal of British expletives.

“The victim was taken into the hotel with his family, but did not want an ambulance called.

“He went away but was in pain and holding his arm at an uncomfortable angle.”

Eric said police were not called to the scene.

FANTAM ATTACK: The holidaymaker was struck by a bottle of Fanta orange

Bar staff reported it was the ‘second time’ in one week a similar incident had happened on the Benidorm old town street.

A spokesman for Queens Hotel said CCTV confirmed the incident, but that it concerned a bottle of Powerade – not Fanta.

“An employee went to floors six and seven and knocked on the doors of all rooms facing the street, but nobody was in,” he said.

“It’s highly likely the bottle was thrown from another building.”

The spokesman added the Brit was offered medical assistance, including an escort to the nearest hospital, but both were turned down.

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