SPAIN’S Minister for Ecological Transition has demanded answers from the Government of Murcia over the ‘environmental emergency’ at the region’s Mar Menor.

TERESA RIBERA: Spain’s Minister for Ecological Transition

Teresa Ribera has called for an investigation into the ‘origin’ of the catastrophe, which killed thousands of fish.

She stated that agricultural ‘bad practices’ must end, as she met with the environmental organization, ANSE (Asociacion de Naturalistas del Sureste).

Ribera stated that the death of so many fish is, “an obvious example of what happens when we look elsewhere.”

In contrast the Murcian Government attributed the fish deaths to September’s gota fria and the discharge of 60 cubic hectometers of salt water into the lagoon following the floods.

Fernando Lopez Miras, president of Murcia, warned, ‘there are no magic solutions.’

He added: “I have come to listen to all parties, mayors, fishermen, farmers, ecologists, neighbors and scientists.”

Ribera stated that in order to reverse the situation, ‘you have to be responsible and honest, and look at long term improvements.’

The Olive Press reported on the Spanish Government’s Zero Discharge plan, published just before the gota fria, which highlighted the issue of poisons and contaminants in the Mar Menor.

Local campaigners immediately questioned the priorities in the plan, and who should control and monitor spending.

Tourism Article   Jorge Enriquez And Bill Hulse
RAISING AWARENESS: Jorge Enriquez and Bill Hulse

Jorge Luis Enriquez is a ‘Responsible Technician in the Autonomous Community of Murcia’, and works with Briton Bill Hulse on raising issues about flood protection and the poisoning of the Mar Menor.

He insisted, “The control of spending and the control of politicians must be considered, there are many actions proposed and a huge quantity of money for the implementation – it has to be monitored.”

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