A JEALOUS lover who plunged a knife into his girlfriend’s back while she was beautifying herself in the bathroom has been sentenced to nine years prison in Alicante.

The British attacker, not yet named, stabbed his British partner as she was readying herself to visit the dentist on the morning of June 13, 2017.

An argument broke out with the man, 53 at the time of the attack, accusing his girlfriend of four months of infidelity.

The girlfriend, 42 at the time, told him she needed space, before the man attempted to kiss her and force a conversation, according to local reports.

Using a knife from the kitchen, he then attacked her in the bathroom.

The woman crawled to the garden where she was found by her daughter at 9.10am, and she was rushed to hospital.

The man fled to Benidorm where police arrested him and brought him to justice.

He was sentenced to nine years on charges of attempted murder at the Audience of Alicante.

The courts also ordered him to pay €181,000 compensation for damage caused to the victim.

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