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‘Driving off the Brexit cliff edge’ – The main issues for Gibraltarians voting in today’s election

Pepe At A Hustings In Caleta

THE chairperson of the GSLP is expecting the ruling coalition to take more than half the votes at today’s election.

It came after voting was slower than normal at polling stations around Gibraltar earlier today.


“I’m very confident we are going to win because my militants tell me our block vote is solid,” said the chairperson of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party, Pepe Baldachino, who was at the Town Range polling station.

Gslp Chair
‘CONFIDENT’: GSLP chair Pepe Baldachino ©theOlivePress

“The struggle will be between the other parties to see who will go into Opposition.”

Baldachino told the Olive Press he would be happy to ‘win by just one vote’, but he expected to win 55% of the ballot papers cast.

After being involved in 14 elections on the Rock as a candidate or party supporter, he felt the campaign had been very ‘low key’.

“It seems there could be a low turnout for Gibraltar of around 60% today as there has not been as much debate as usual,” he added.

The Olive Press also caught up with Rock resident, Liam who was just leaving the Town Hall polling station.

He told us that he felt Together Gibraltar was a bit ‘inexperienced’ and had promised too much in what seemed ‘a fairy tale’.

“I still haven’t decided but I will definitely not be making a block vote,” he said when asked who he would vote for.

“It will be based on who is best for the job.

“But I think the GSLP/Liberals will get in for this term with Brexit going on and people scared of what will happen.”

Pepe At A Hustings In Caleta 1
MEETING THE PEOPLE: Baldachino at a hustings in Caleta ©theOlivePress

On Brexit, he doubted whether the UK Parliament would vote for Boris Johnson’s deal.

“I’m still thinking about who to vote for,” said elderly voter Rkiya Zaizoun.

“But I think Mr Picardo will win.”


Another local woman, Nicole, felt it was going to be a lot closer than the opinion polls stated.

“I think it looks like the GSLP/Liberals are heading for a win,” she told the Olive Press, “but I don’t think Together Gibraltar is far behind and could definitely be in opposition.”

“I plan to vote for Together Gibraltar,” she added.

“I also want to vote for independent John Charles Pons for environmental reasons as I think he would be an asset in Parliament.

“It’s been a last minute decision based on how my sons are voting, based on their life experiences and on who they think would better represent them.”

She added that a Brexit deal was unlikely to ‘benefit the working class or the environment.’

Her son said was also in two minds and said: “I’m kind of wrestling it with it at the moment because I’m very much against block voting, but I don’t see an alternative way of doing it.

“What I’d like to see is voting reform, but I haven’t really been very encouraged by anyone’s manifesto on that front.”

About the final result of the elections he was reflecting the general opinion.

“With Brexit on the horizon, it’s going to be very difficult for somebody to want to change drivers when you’re in the middle of driving off the cliff!”

Check the Olive Press website for the live election result tonight…

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