COCAINE is Spain and the UK’s favourite illegal drug, a new international study has revealed.

Research published in the journal Addiction analysed the wastewater of 120 cities, across 37 countries,  six of them in Spain.

The drug habits of 60 million people were analysed between 2011 and 2017 in a study involving the Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

gaudi park
SNORTING: Barcelona’s residents can’t get enough of coke

And while Barcelona might be better known for being a European cultural capital, but it’s also the European capital of coke, according to the researchers. 

Residents of the city snort more of the white stuff than those living in any other European city. They’re also among the top 5 consumers of drugs overall. 

London, Zurich, Antwerp and Amsterdam joined the Catalan capital in the top 5 for illegal drug consumption.

Barcelona is also eighth for ecstasy use on the continent, with the Netherlands first.

Germany is top for users of methamphetamine, while the Catalan capital is 13th.

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