Malaga New Bar A
Pastrami from the outside (CREDIT: Paco Lago)

FROM the outside it appears to be your run-of-the-mill fast food joint.

But much like the gangster-run speakeasies of 1920s New York that sold bootleg liquor in Prohibition days, the Pastrami Club in Malaga is hiding a whole lot more out back.

Malaga New Bar F  1
STUNNING: Bar hidden behind men’s toilets in Pastrami (CREDIT: Paco Lago)

Designed by local studio Paco Lago, the new look works on the principle of ‘surprise’.

Regular patrons will know that the ‘actual’ Pastrami bar can now be accessed via the men’s bathroom door, located at the back of the shop. (The VIP entrance is not all it seems!)

Stepping inside reveals a world of neon lights and Art Deco inspirations in an outrageously retro design that will have instagrammers going cuckoo.

Malaga New Bar D
Dancefloor of Pastrami Club in Malaga (CREDIT: Paco Lago)

As Designboom explains: “For the interior of the club, Paco Lago has focused on how the entire space is lit to create a vibrant and almost retro atmosphere.

Malaga New Bar B
SECRET: Entrance to club will turn your world upside down (CREDIT: Paco Lago)

“To achieve this, neon lighting has been integrated into a coffered ceiling which extends down to the bar area, creating a curved wall effect.
“These lights change colour and intensity, altering the mood and bringing a dynamic rhythm to the space, perfectly befitting the nightclub feeling of the club.

Malaga New Bar E
INSPIRED: Pastrami Club has en Art Deco vibe (CREDIT: Paco Lago)

“Overall, the design intends to spark guests’ curiosity. From the upside down entrance of the men’s bathroom, to the lounge and its unique play of lights, to when you enter through the VIP access and think that you have entered hell … In short, the Pastrami Club is a place full of surprises.”

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