DENIA residents are searching for the identity of a British woman who had her bicycle stolen while collecting polystyrene waste washed on the city’s jetty.

News went viral on social media as photographs emerged of the woman’s kind-hearted act in collecting the environmentally-damaging plastic from inside a large buoy.

However, comments soon emerged that while cleaning up the waste her bicycle had been pinched.

DANGEROUS: A buoy containing polystyrene washed up on Denia’s jetty earlier this week

“We want to repay this woman for her kind act,” Isabel Garcia Quiles told the Olive Press.

“If you know her, please get in touch with the Olive Press or visit C.E.I. Colorets in Denia.”

Isabel added a collection has been started at the nursery where residents can deposit a donation for a new bicycle while the search is underway.

A photograph showing the woman collecting waste has been disseminated, however the image does not show her face.

FIND HER! The ‘kind-hearted’ British woman was clearing Denia’s jetty from polystyrene when her bike was stolen

“An English girl yesterday found a buoy washed up in the jetty,” a social media post said.

“Knowing the danger that polystyrene can cause in the sea, today she returned with bags to collect them.

“It is a fantastic action that we thank her for. 

“But while he was picking up the waste, her bicycle was stolen, in an act that can’t be forgiven.” 

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