One of the disadvantages of living in a beautiful climate in Spain is humidity and moisture in the summer, and even in the winter. 

We have all stood in supermarket queues and smelt a faint odor from the clothes of fellow queuers.

Or, we have glanced at the bottom of shower curtains and the grouting of tiles, and found small, black spores that invade the home through lack of ventilation combined with the humidity and dampness. 

We go down to an underbuild to retrieve the winter clothing and only find black mould.

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BREAKING THE MOULD: Jeremy Kenton warns that mould could be the cause of many undiagnosed illnesses

It isn’t just the visual presence that I’m worried about here, but it’s the fact that these spores also enter into your airways through your nose and your mouth.

The World Health Organization has looked closely at the effects of mould and found it to be a cause of many respiratory illnesses.

Far more worrying is the proven link between spore inhalation and the start of asthma – especially in young children.

And it’s not just children who are affected, but adults as well, with a mixture of conditions ranging from lung conditions, to skin and eye irritation, coughing and sneezing.

More worrying is the fact that pulmonary hemorrhage with bleeding into the lungs and nosebleeds can also come about as a result of mould spore inhalation.

If you buy a property or rent a home when you first visit, smell it. Then look for signs of black mould infestation.

Diluted bleach is an effective way of getting rid of this evil black substance, but ensure that your home is well ventilated.

As you stand in the aforementioned supermarket queue, please make sure you have purchased a couple of spray bottles of an effective mould cleaner, and go home to scout for signs this evil, black little devil is not the cause of some of your undiagnosed problems.

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