Sausage Needles
TWISTED: Sausages found containing needles in Marbella (CREDIT: Facebook)

RESIDENTS in Marbella have vowed to catch a twisted ‘dog killer’ after yet more sausages with needles were found left in popular walking areas. 

Several tampered bits of sausage were reportedly found around Plaza del Bote at the weekend.

A post on popular local Facebook page Marbella Se Queja shared images of the death traps while warning dog walkers to be extra vigilant.

Sausage Tampered
WARNING: Tampered bits of meat containing needles (CREDIT: Facebook)

Locals commenting on the post promised the person responsible that they would catch him.

“Whoever is doing this, we will not stop going there with our dogs, we will continue to watch every corner before arriving, and we better not catch you, because you are going to eat them all,” wrote one.

Another said: “Put up a camera, if someone lives there, and they will soon know who is behind it. . and then share here and report it to the police.”

“When we find this person, things are going to end very bad for them,” warned another.

Meanwhile others warned that similar pieces of tampered meat were found outside the Olympia gym.

They are believed to be sifting through CCTV to see if the person was captured.

“We will be waiting to see if we can make out who it is,” the owners of the gym said.

Have you seen anyone leaving tampered meat on the ground? Contact

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