VELAZQUEZ would have been too ‘superficial’ , while El Greco would have accentuated his fingers too much.

For Jeremy Irons, Francisco Goya would have been the ideal Spanish master to encapsulate him. 

The Hollywood actor revealed his passion to have sat for Goya, best known for his satirical engravings and black masterpieces.

Jeremy Irons T 1
FAN: Irons would have chosen Goya to recreate him on canvas

He was talking to promote a new documentary he presents about Madrid’s Museo del Prado, which houses works by Spain’s greatest pre-20th century artists – dozens by Goya. 

“Velázquez might have done a superficial portrait. El Greco, with those elongated figures, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have gotten my best profile, so I’m staying with Goya,” said the Oscar winning actor. 

He added that he was ‘delighted’ to get the opportunity to return to Madrid to present the documentary, Painters and Kings of the Prado. 

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