A GROUP of kind hearted policemen have bought a man a new bike after they hit him with their car.

Francisco Javier Blanco, who works as a delivery man, was on his way to work late at night when he was struck by the police vehicle. 

The officers were responding to an emergency in Malaga and had decided to run a red light as it seemed that no one was cutting across the junction.

At that moment Blanco appeared, and was hit, flying off his bicycle a few metres down the road. 

The policemen called an ambulance which took Blanco to the Hospital Regional de Malaga, where he received three stitches above his right eyebrow and five stitches on his head.

The police were shocked when right after the accident, Blanco was more concerned about his bike than himself, so they decided to buy him a new state of the art bicycle, along with a helmet so that he could go back to work.

The agent driving the vehicle that struck the unlucky Blanco, checked up on him every day following the accident.

When they finally met again, face to face, the officer gave him a hug along with his new bike. 

Blanco was unaware of the gesture the generous police officers were planning to make, but his girlfriend had been told to bring him to the police station so that they could surprise him. 

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