THE MURCIA region has just enjoyed its warmest December since 1995.

Figures from the State Meteorological Agency (SMA) show that the average temperature last month was 11.6º celsius, 1.7º higher than normal.

Los Alcazares Beach
UNUSUALLY WARM: Los Alcazares Beach, Murcia Region

Bizarrely, the hottest day was on the winter solstice, the 21st, when temperatures averaged 21ºc and never dipped below 19º in the region.

Following a cool start to the month, with the second DANA of 2019, December then got warmer and warmer.

Weather fronts from the Atlantic Ocean raised temperatures from the 11th, and combined with storms in the North Sea to contain heat with low clouds and fog.

The hottest spike of all was on Boxing Day, when San Javier briefly touched 26.4º.

As well as describing December as “very warm’ in the region, the SMA also concluded it was “very wet.”

Two extended periods of rain were recorded, one from December 1 to 5, where 94% of the month’s rain fell in five days.

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