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With 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Malaga is one of the five cities with the best climate in...

THE perfect climate doesn’t exist, but with 18.5ºC on average and 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Malaga’s climate comes close. In fact, Malaga is...

Archaeologists uncover 120,000 year-old Neanderthal camp site in Spain’s Alicante area

AN archaeological team has discovered an open air Neanderthal camp site in Alicante Province dating back around 120,000 years. Researchers from Alicante and Valencia universities...

ANALYSIS: What’s so special about the microclimate in Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca?

IF you’ve ever browsed Javea’s official tourism website you might have come across an interesting fact.  “The climate in Javea is considered the second-best microclimate...

Why temperatures are set to reach 40° on Spain’s Costa Blanca this weekend

SCORCHING temperatures of up to 40° centigrade are expected this coming weekend in inland parts of the Vega Baja. According to the European Meteorological Center...

‘Lets Ditch Plastic!’- Primary school asks Gibraltar supermarkets to cut down on plastic to stop pollution

St Joseph's Primary School have today asked Gibraltar’s three main supermarkets to cut down using plastic as part of the ClimACT school project.

Spain’s Murcia region enjoys it’s warmest December this millennium

THE MURCIA region has just enjoyed its warmest December since 1995. Figures from the State Meteorological Agency (SMA) show that the average temperature last month...

OPINION: Spain may be hosting the pivotal COP25 climate conference, but Madrid may need to rethink its approach to...

“People are lazy about not using their cars,” says volunteer Cristina Gomez. “There’s no excuse. We have a very good public transport system”

FAST FASHION: Andalucia climate protesters expose hypocrisy of Spain’s pre-Christmas ‘spendathon’

Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector

COP25: Greta Thunberg, plastic clothing and vegetarians – what happened at Madrid’s PIVOTAL climate conference this week?

As the decade proves to be the hottest on record, that needs to start from next year. And urgently...

Olive Press offers Greta Thunberg lift to key Spain climate summit

“It turns out I’ve travelled halfway around the world, the wrong way,” the teen wrote on her Twitter account, which has three million followers

ORANGE and YELLOW weather alerts for Costa del Sol as 80km/h winds and four metre waves expected

PARTS of Andalucia are on orange and yellow alert today as Spain's weather agency AEMET predict strong weather across the coast. AEMET have forecast 80km/h...

ROCKY ROAD: Drivers in Spain’s Andalucia narrowly escape falling five-tonne boulder

With a history of rock falls in the area the mayor took no chances in sealing off the highway ahead of heavy rain forecasts

WATCH: The dramatic moment an out-of-control ferry smashes into docks in Barcelona causing huge fireball after it topples shipping...

Dock workers can be seen running for their lives as the large crane falls, seemingly in slow motion, before crashing down

Forecaster predicts Spain will have hotter than average spring

THE Iberian Peninsula will experience a drier and warmer than average spring. According to Accuweather, an 'area of high pressure will build west of the...

€75 million to be pumped into sustainable building projects across Andalucia

The Junta is financing environmentally-sound and long-lasting projects that will come to fruition before 2020

Global warming is pushing Spain’s climate closer to that seen in North Africa

With average temperatures expected to rise by as much as five degrees by 2050, Spain’s universally appreciated crops could be in serious jeopardy

Fossil fuel giant Repsol slammed in climate report for South America

The 'corporate conquistadors' are accused of causing irreparable damage to indigenous communities

Tarifa’s new bird lab to become world leader for migration

The centre will study the effect of global change on bird migration





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