SCORCHING temperatures of up to 40° centigrade are expected this coming weekend in inland parts of the Vega Baja.

According to the European Meteorological Center (ECMWF), July is set to see the area as the hottest and driest in the country.

Indeed, average temperatures will register up to 3° above the normal July average.

Traditionally known for its agricultural use, the inland Vega Baja (low land) area of Costa Blanca, will be hottest on Sunday (July 4), with temperatures forecast to reach 40°C, or 104° fahrenheit. 

Temperatures on the coast are expected to be a cooler 32°C, or 90°F.

Warm nights will also continue, according to ECMWF, who explained that a very warm air mass from North Africa is heading Spain’s way tomorrow, July 2.

The direction of sea winds will change over the weekend, turning to a west-southwest direction. However, predictions are pointing towards a respite on Monday, July 5, when winds will be favourable again and temperatures will drop down a more bearable 34°C.

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