A ‘PRETTY POWERFUL’ gota fría weather event has been predicted to hit the Costa Blanca from this Sunday, according to Alicante University’s Climatology Laboratory.

The crack weather team expects a drop in temperature to hit all of Eastern Spain, with rain and snow ‘making headlines’ in various localities.

A statement from the lab said an ‘anticyclone’ will hit from the Spanish peninsular and head south towards North Africa.

“If this scenario is fulfilled, we would be faced with a situation of general rains and significant snowfall in eastern Spain and on the Balearics, with a pretty powerful maritime storm,” the statement read.

“However, as we know in this type of situation, the uncertainty in the forecast is very high until a few days (or hours) before.

“There are scenarios that predict a temperature drop, but dry weather. In any case, the decrease in temperatures is assured.”

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