THE police are investigating reports of dog poisoning on the Costa del Sol.

There have been recent reports by residents about the alleged poisoning of dogs in public places in Marbella.

Residents of La Campana, Marbella have been reporting the alleged existence of poison in parks and gardens through social media and public posters in order to warn others, especially those with children. 

Both the Policia Nacional and local police are coordinating an investigation before public alarm is generated in the region.

According to the Mayor, this situation came to light on Friday and there will be a meeting this Tuesday between the two authorities to carry out an investigation.

So far there have been two cases of dog poisoning and as this matter is currently being dealt with by police there are currently no further updates on the cases.

A children’s playground has been sealed to avoid risks to children.

The representative of the PSOE in the District of Nueva Andalucía, Jerónimo Villalba said: “cases of dog poisoning have returned to the streets, parks and gardens of La Campana, without the cause being identified”.

It comes after 35 dogs were poisoned in Malaga in October 2019.

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