The extremely rare situation, nevertheless acutely critical, arises during a complete failure of the brake system. Modern cars are equipped with a dual-circuit brake system, which almost certainly eliminates the complete failure of the brakes, but nothing is impossible, therefore, if such a problem arose, then serious consequences could not be avoided.

Accidents caused by the complete failure of pneumatic brake devices have taken many lives. This is because pneumatic brake systems do not have air pressure in the brake device. Old cars which age exceeds 20 years, often lead to a problem when a brake hose ruptures or a brake cylinder is defective, besides, the driver may simply forget to check the level in the brake fluid reservoir and then a critical situation may also occur.


How to Brake

The braking maneuver is most important for safe driving. You can use the best brake controller, which allows you to compensate for the consequences of any errors in predicting speed, distance, the development of the road traffic situation. The difficulty of performing a braking maneuver is one of the main causes of accidents with grave consequences.

The ability to correctly brake includes:

  • the ability to maintain a rectilinear direction of movement when braking;
  • the ability to brake the engine while shifting gears;
  • the ability to stop when the brakes fail.

The car slows down under the influence of braking forces on the front and rear wheels. Inertia also influences on a moving car. Under its action, the front wheels are loaded when braking and the rear wheels are unloaded.


What to Train

It is advisable to brake slightly first to move the weight forward. After that, you can brake decisively. Without initial braking, the movement of the weight will be too sharp. And if you press the brake pedal abruptly and aggressively, the wheels will lock. Take time to practice progressive braking skills. Train it when riding, during every slowdown and stop. Asphalt is always different, and the road is not always straightforward. Progressive braking will help slow down on wet roads or ice.

Your life and the life of the surrounding people depend on how correctly you use the braking capabilities of your car. It’s easy to learn how to properly accelerate; it’s much harder to learn how to brake properly. For control, you can purchase specialized brake control on Proper use of the brakes is the most important part of driving.

Classification of Vehicle Braking Techniques 

There are service and emergency braking.

  • Service braking is not associated with a shortage of time to slow down or stop the car and under normal driving conditions is the most acceptable, as it is carried out in a comfortable zone of negative accelerations.
  • Emergency braking is used in critical situations associated with a lack of time and distance. It implements the most intense deceleration, taking the braking properties of the car into account.

Do not panic when you can’t brake. One or two impulse pressing will help revive the braking system, but you should not fully hope for their saving action, do not rely on it and try to slow down with all available means, such as the handbrake.

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