A TEENAGER is facing up to 22 years in prison after allegedly stabbing her newborn baby to death in Madrid. 

Sonia Bedoui, 18, is believed to have stabbed her perfectly healthy daughter nine times after giving birth to her in secret at around 5am on February 20 2018.

None of her family knew she had been pregnant and no one knows who the father is.

Investigators tested the DNA of her partner but he was not a match.

On the fateful morning, prosecutors say the teen, 16 at the time, broke her waters in the living room and gave birth to a girl measuring 48cm and 2.95 kilos (6.5lbs).

The baby was born alive and breathed on her own before Bedoui cut the umbilical cord.

However that same day, the new mum took a yet unknown knife or weapon and stabbed her newborn nine times all over her body.

The prosecutor’s office said: “Three of the stabs penetrated the baby’s heart, another hit her diaphragm and another pierced her left lung, causing cardio-respiratory failure and ultimately death.”

Bedoui has been held without bail since the incident and will face a jury this week.

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After carrying out the neonaticide, Bedoui cleaned up the blood with kitchen towels before placing the corpse, placenta and mess in several plastic bags.

She then placed the bags in a rucksack and hung it on a chair in the bedroom she shared with her partner.

She then took off her blood-stained bath robe and showered.

According to prosecutors, Bedoui then put on her pyjamas and lay on the bed as if nothing had happened.

Her partner had been working during the birth and alleged murder.

The killing was only discovered when two days later the teen was rushed to Prince of Asturias Hospital in Alcala de Henares, presenting with vaginal tearing and bleeding.

While being treated, the mother and sister of the girl’s partner went to her home to get some of her things.

It was then they discovered the backpack, removing the plastic bags and placing them on the kitchen terrace, not realising what they contained.

The sister also found the bloody bathrobe and threw it in the bin thinking it was related to the Bedoui’s injuries.

When a routine search of the house was performed on February 24, blood stains were found on the sofa, kitchen and on door knobs before the baby’s body was found on the kitchen terrace.


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