THE Speaker of the House of Commons is the new chancellor of the Gibraltar University.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, a ‘great’ friend of Gibraltar said he would ‘treasure’ the position after being announced by Minister of Education, Gilbert Licudi.

He first became interested in Gibraltar when three pensioners from his Chorley constituency were stuck at its border.

Hoyle first came to Gibraltar on his honeymoon mid-1990s and met with Gibraltar’s politicians on his fathers request.

Ever since, Hoyle has defended the British peninsula and the interests of its locals.

“Not only have I, and my father Doug, had a long association with Gibraltar, but it is one of the UK’s overseas territories to which we owe a great duty of care,” he said.

Hoyle succeeds Lord Luce who has held the position of Chancellor, a non-paid honorary position since 2015.

“To become Chancellor of this magnificent university in a place I have an acute interest in is a privilege I will treasure for many years to come.”

“I want to reinvigorate our relationships with the overseas territories and some of Britain’s most remote outposts – to show them how important they are to us in Westminster,” Hoyle added.

Hoyle succeeded the previous House of Commons Speaker John Bercow in November 2019, who resigned after 10 years in the chair.

“We could think of no better person to take over from Lord Luce – our first Chancellor – who has been a great source of advice and assistance since 2015,” said Gilbert Licudi.

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