A SPANISH startup has developed a drink that’s distilled with cannabis.

The newly created startup 420 Neo Drinks launched a blue drink based on cane rum infused and flavoured with cannabis.

Founders of the company Juan Manuel Caro, Pablo Saura and Raúl Calvo, claim that the idea arose when they saw the great increase that is taking place in the world of cannabis-related products.

Saura said: “We wanted a drink to get away from the negative concept that this substance has had until now.

“The cannabis market is expanding, and every day, there are more beneficial properties this plant has that are known and used,” he continued.

Only organic and sustainable products are used in the preparation and packaging of this drink.

The company is growing in presence throughout Spain, especially in Madrid, Barcelona and Andalucia.

In the coming months the idea is to expand to the UK, Germany, France and Italy, where they just have secured agreements.

The drink is available on Amazon as well as other retailers.

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