RESIDENTS at the southern end of the protected Mar Menor lagoon have planned a peaceful march in protest at the conditions of the beaches at Los Urrutias on Sunday, March 15.

Los Urrutias Muddy Beach
NEGLECTED: Bathing stations and piers to take bathers over the mud have not materialised, despite being promised in 2018

Locals are angered at the muddy condition of the shoreline and lack of investment.

The focal point will be Cartagena Town Hall, despite council staff clearing 175 tons of seaweed and waste from the shoreline in recent weeks.

Los Urrutias Muddy Beach 2
MUDDY: Los Urrutias Beach

Claims in local media suggest that the budget isn’t available for all five bathing stations that have been promised for Los Arrutias beaches, adding to the anger felt to local residents and businesses.

Marches also took place in July 2019, when hundreds protested at the muddy beaches and lack of infrastructure.

AAVV Los Urrutias are the legal association that represents local citizens.

They said on Tuesday, “We will move heaven and earth so [the council] understand citizens deserve respect and dignity, the time has come for them to understand that we are not toys or puppets.”

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